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Summer Murdock Students Presentation

Ryan Gonzales, a Murdock Scholar from Concordia University, presented an update of his summer research at the End of Summer Murdock Scholar Presentations event on Friday. The title of Ryan’s talk was “Independent Association of Sudden Cardiac Death with the T-peak to T-end Interval on VCG”. He presented preliminary data supporting his hypothesis that bifid T waves would be able to independently predict risk of sudden cardiac death, and laid out his plans for future work in the coming year. Ryan will work on this project during the coming school year, and will continue to look for strong evidence to support these results. The Murdock Undergraduate Collaborative Research Program provides opportunities for local Oregon undergraduates to gain the skills and experience necessary for a career in biomedical research. Sponsored by the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, students are provided twelve-month stipends to work in labs at OHSU full time during their finally summer of college, and part time while completing their senior year at their home university. We want to thank the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for providing the support for a wonderful student like Ryan to come work with us. Congratulations to Ryan for giving such a fantastic presentation! We are proud to have you representing our lab.

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