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Dr. Erick Andres Perez Alday is awarded Mortara Fellowship and Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Awa

Congratulations, Erick !!!!! The work entitled: "A Multi-Scale Investigation of Global Electrical Heterogeneity: Effects of Body Habitus, Respiration, and Tissue Conductivity" by Erick Andres Perez Alday, Haibo Ni, Christopher Hamilton, Annabel Li-Pershing, Bernard Jaar, Jose M Monroy-Trujillo, Michelle Estrella, Rulan Parekh, Henggui Zhang and Larisa Tereshchenko has as been selected to be awarded with the Mortara Fellowship for the CinC conference 2018, and Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Award (YIA) semi-finalist of the CinC conference 2018.

Great job !!!

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