Vectorcardiogram in Athletes: The Sun Valley Ski Study

Our manuscript reporting the Sun Valley Ski Study results is published!!!! Sudden cardiac death in a young athlete is a tragic event. We work towards the development of accurate prediction and effective prevention of sudden cardiac death. Vectorcardiogram can help to characterize abnormal electrophysiological substrate. In this work, we described VCG in athletes and made several important observations. We provided several examples of VCGs, supporting novel concepts of (1)"early repolarization" that is due to concealed septal activation, and (2) a narrow, curved, “lizard tongue”‐like appearance of three‐dimensional T‐loop. We showed an association of the athletic performance with spatial peak QRS‐T angle and provided first clues about how to use global electrical heterogeneity measures to distinguish between physiological right ventricular remodeling in response to sports training and likely the detrimental effect of over-training.

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