Hetal Patel

“My Name is Hetal Patel, a second-year medical student at Chicago Medical School. I’m originally from Bend, OR and now enjoy the rainy terrain that is Portland. I studied Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of California, Davis. Now, I am volunteering at the Tereshchenko Lab to explore my passion in Cardiology and establish my roots as a future clinician and electrophysiologist.”

During the summer& fall of 2021, Hetal was working on several projects: the Cardiovascular Risk Stratification in Covid-19 (CaVaR-Co19) study, ECG digitizing method development and validation, and ALLHAT ECGs scanning and analysis.

Aman Mohapatra 

“My name is Aman Mohapatra and I am a second-year medical student at Chicago Medical School. I am from Northern California where I attended the University of California Berkeley with a degree in Microbial Biology. I am passionate about the intersection between technology and healthcare and I hope to continue to work towards advancing medicine. My past experiences include working at healthcare startups, life sciences consulting, and biotechnology medical device projects.”

During the summer& fall of 2021, Aman was working on the Cardiovascular Risk Stratification in Covid-19 (CaVaR-Co19).

Neeraj Javadekar

Neeraj is entering his senior year at Westview High School. He is volunteering as a summer intern in the Tereshchenko lab to gain experience in clinical research. During the summer of 2019, Neeraj helped in the process of creating user interfaces for S-ICD eligibility study as well as for removal of spikes study. Neeraj is a varsity/club swimmer and is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.  

Ananya Rajagopalan

Ananya is an incoming senior at Redmond High School. During the summer of 2019, she volunteered at the Tereshchenko Lab to gain more research experience, given her interest in computational biology. While at the lab, she worked on implementing various noise detection algorithms and also helped with a study regarding S-ICD eligibility. She looks forward to going deeper into the field of data science+medicine after high school. 

Linda Wang.jpg

Linda is a second-year medical student at Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is volunteering in the Tereshchenko lab for the summer of 2019 to do research and learn more about electrophysiology. During her time here, she worked on assessing S-ICD eligibility using a 12-lead ECG in adult congenital heart disease patients. 

Linda Wang
Katherine Yang

Katherine is an intern with the Tereshchenko Lab through the first half of 2019. She is working with us to gain experience with clinical research and to learn about cardiovascular medicine and research. In her time with the Tereshchenko Lab, Katherine is working on automated analysis of VCGs to identify patterns in abnormal activation and to establish an association with ECG patterns of early repolarization and SCD. She will be enrolling in Sidney Kimmel Medical College to pursue her medical degree in Fall 2019.

Yanwei (Zoe) Zhang 

Zoe is a volunteer in the Tereshchenko Lab. She is applying to medical schools, as a future aspiring medical student, aiming to practice as a primary care physician serving communities, particularly those have the most need or least representation, and to pursue areas of clinical research that directly improve the best practices of patient care. Having completed the post-baccalaureate premedical program at the University of Vermont, her work in the Tereshchenko lab encompasses quality control of algorithms developed in the lab where she assists in reviewing and verifying the resulting electrocardiograms. She is Master of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology; her work in this field led to multiple publications on topics such as Quality of Service (QoS) and performance management techniques for high performance and cloud computing platforms. She was a research intern at IBM, LinkedIn, and the Oak Ridge National Lab.

Nichole Rogovoy 

Nichole is a fourth year undergraduate chemistry major at the University of Oregon. She is working in the Tereshchenko lab during the summer of 2017 as an intern. Nichole came to us because she is interested in broadening her research background to include clinical research experience. Her research also focuses on assisting in the identification of VCG markers that have independent associations to SCD. Her plan is to pursue a combined MD/PhD degree after her graduation in the spring. 

Anisha Javadekar 

Anisha is entering her senior year at Westview High School. She is interested in a career in the medical field and is volunteering as a summer intern in the Tereshchenko lab to gain experience in clinical research. During the summer of 2017, Anisha helped in the process of identifying markers on a VCG that potentially have an independent association with sudden cardiac death. She plans on continuing her education post-high school and is applying to universities in the fall.

Ryan Gonzales

Ryan Gonzales is a fourth year undergraduate Pre-Medical Biology student at Concordia Lutheran University-Portland. He worked as an intern in the Tereshchenko laboratory during the summer of 2017 (May-July) full-time. He will continue to work with the lab part-time for the remainder of the year (August-May 2018). Ryan came to the lab through the Murdock Undergraduate Research Scholars Program. The Murdock program is designed for undergraduate students around the Portland area who wish to continue their careers in science. The Murdock scholars also travel to different universities and present on the work they are doing throughout the year. Ryan will produce his senior thesis on the work done by the Tereshchenko lab. The project Ryan is studying is determining if there is an independent association of the Tpeak-Tend interval on a Vectorcardiogram and sudden cardiac death. His role has been to assist in identifying VCG markers, corrections of algorithms developed by the lab, and analysis of statistical results. Along with working in the lab, Ryan is a "B" shift intern Emergency Medical Technician/Firefighter with East County Fire Rescue, volunteer in the adult Emergency Department of Oregon Health and Science University, and is planning to continue on to medical school (MD program) to pursue emergency medicine.

Aaron Li

Aaron is an undergraduate student from Portland, Oregon at Carleton College. He is a potential math major and is would like to go on to study medicine in the future. He is interested in developing a method to distinguish and define the U-wave

Ermina Lee

Ermina is a rising sophomore studying Neuroscience and Business at Carnegie Mellon University. She works in health promotion for University Health Services and seeks opportunities that combine science and medicine with community outreach. This was accomplished in the Tereshchenko Lab through an effort to identify potential markers of SCD in VCGs and the development of an SCD app to both educate and empower at risk populations. In the future she hopes to attend medical school, eventually becoming an OB/GYN.

Silu Men

Silu is a first year undergraduate student studying Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. He is interested in pursuing a career in medicine after his undergraduate education. Silu is volunteering as a summer intern to learn about cardiovascular research and to gain experience in clinical research. During the summer of 2017, he assisted in the identification of VCG markers that could have independent association with SCD. 

Erik Alonso González, PhD

Erik is a Ph.D. Researcher, working at the Communications Engineering Department, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, in Bilbao, Spain. Erik visited Tereshchenko Lab during the summer of 2014. He was working on the project in collaboration with Dr. Daya and Dr. Tereshchenko. Results of Erik's work on the circulation detection using the electrocardiogram and the thoracic impedance acquired by defibrillation pads are published in the Resuscitation.