Current Lab Members

Hassaan Bukhari, PhD. Postdoctoral Fellow.

Hassaan completed a dual PhD program at the Universities of Zaragoza, Spain (Biomedical Engineering) and Bordeaux, France (Applied Mathematics & Scientific Calculation) as a PIC fellow. In his thesis, he applied signal processing and computational modeling to characterize hypo- and hyperkalemia-induced ECG changes in chronic kidney disease patients. He also spent one year at University of California, Davis to work on the development of Heart failure rabbit models as a postdoctoral scholar. Outside work, he loves spending time with his little boy, cooking with his wife, playing badminton, and watching medical series.

Shivangi Kewalramani, MS. Statistical Programmer.

Shivangi Kewalramani received her BS degree in Electronics and Communications from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Dubai in 2019. She received her MS degree in Biomedical Engineering along with a graduate certification in Data Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2023. Before joining Cleveland Clinic, she worked in an Optical Imaging Lab where she carried out research on signal/image processing and statistical analysis of large biomedical datasets. She is well-versed with MATLAB, R and various simulation software and believes in the saying- “Every day is a chance to learn something new.”

Luke Witzigreuter, BS. Research Assistant.

Luke Witzigreuter graduated from Ohio University in 2023 and plans to fulfill his dream of attending medical school and becoming a practicing physician in Australia. Luke joined the Tereshchenko lab as a research assistant, where he is currently involved in cardiac electrophysiology research, utilizing ECG analysis, image processing techniques, and machine learning methodologies for clinical investigations. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in organizing the research team to ensure efficient collaboration and progress.

Jafar Pourbemany, MS.

PhD student, CSU-CCF program 

Jafar Pourbemany received a BS degree in Electronics and an MS degree in Telecommunications from Yazd University. To pursue his Ph.D. in Computer Science, he has joined the network security and privacy research laboratory at Cleveland State University. Through his studies on the security of body area networks, he gained knowledge of biometric signals, specifically ECG.  This experience, coupled with his skills in signal processing and computer science, encouraged him to utilize data science and machine learning in the healthcare field, particularly cardiac data analysis.

Tereshchenko Lab at OHSU 2013-2021