Resources & Equipment

The Laboratory is fully equipped for the recording and analysis of a variety of cardiac signals, including body surface potentials mapping, intracardiac electrograms, surface ECG, blood pressure signals, and more.

Body surface potentials mapping system

Body surface mapping system (Active Two, MK2, Biosemi, the Netherlands) with 128 electrodes records body surface potentials at 16,384 Hz sampling rate, bandwidth (~3dB) DC-3200 Hz; digitalization 24 bit, 4th order Delta-Sigma modulator with 64X oversampling, one converter per channel.

The BioSemi ActiveTwo (BioSemi B.V, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) measurement system is designed to measure potential differences on the human body surface. For body surface mapping applications, BioSemi produces a unique version of the active electrode. In cooperation with the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Dept. of Engineering Science, flexible rubber strips with integrated carbon electrodes and a preamplifier were developed.

Application time for this electrode system is short. Preparation: attach adhesive rings and fill with gel: approx. 20 minutes. - Application: stick the strips to the subject: approx. 5 minutes. - Cleaning: remove adhesive rings and clean out gel with soapy water: approx. 20 minutes.


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Non-invasive continuous recording of blood pressure digital signal

CNAP® Monitor 500 "HD"(CNSystems Medizintechnik AG, Austria) is available for continuous non-invasive recording of the blood pressure digital signal.


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Holter ECG monitoring

High resolution 1000Hz 12-leads Holter monitor H12 (Mortara Instruments, USA) is available for recording of ECG during 48 hours, at rest and during the 6-min walk test.​

Intracardiac Electrograms Recording

Labview digitizer NI DAQs (NI USB-9215A) is available for digitizing of analog signal output. Custom Labview software and NI DAQs are available for recording of near-field and far-field intracardiac electrograms via ICD device programmers.

The Laboratory is fully equipped and prepared to record a digital signal using customized NI high-resolution digitizers. The signal from any clinical devices, including invasive pressure monitors, intracardiac recordings in the Clinical EP Lab and cardiovascular care units could be recorded and stored using the highly efficient equipment.


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Long-term ECG monitoring

ECG patches (BioStamp Research Connect™, MC10, Inc) are available for continuous (14-30 days) recording of high resolution (1000 Hz) ECG and VCG signal.


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Resting 12-lead ECG

ECG MAC 5500 HD (GE Healthcare, Wauwatosa, WI, USA) is available for recording of the digital signal of orthogonal Frank XYZ ECG, and 12-lead ECG.


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